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Settled in 1886
Population 8,250

Site Est.-JULY 17, 1996


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Port Orchard is a simple and beautiful place to be, if you are looking for a break from your daily routine, it is not only breath taking but simply fabulous for every small thing, this serene and beautiful city in and the Kitsap County’s county seat, in the state of WashingtonUnited States is just the break you will need!

There is more to see in this world that can ever be seen and more to do, that can ever be done. But as far as the matter of Port Orchard goes, you have us! We will guide you on what’s the best and help you make the most of your time while you are at it. One great place to hang out, have a great time, some great food and enjoy your favorite sports is at the Everybody’s American Cookhouse & Sports Theatre. This place may not just be the lady’s kind but mind you, if you are a sports enthusiast you will never want to leave. Next comes the Sidney Gallery & Museum, which is not a very grand museum but is beautiful and enriched with art pieces, if you are an art lover or the kind of person who enjoys museums there are a lot more of these beauties, in and around Port Orchard, from Veterans Living History Museum to the Log Cabin Museum.
There are a few marvellous theatrical performances in the region too, don’t forget to witness a few! All the adventure and going around the city is making you tired? Can you hear your tummy grumbling? About time, you experienced the most exotic thing a city can offer, YES! Food…

When in port orchard, you must visit the few top notch restaurants that the place has to offer, if you come from a big city you will not be impressed by the exterior or the interior but the food and the prices are sure to steal your heart! Bay Street Bistro is one of the best on the list, amazing food and a great place to dine in for wholesome flavours, great wine and customer services.  Next on our list of restaurants that you have got to check out is the Home made Café, offers a great menu and there are no disappointments here. See that’s the deal with small cities, they may have little to offer, but they give you their best. That One Place with their hearty helpings are just the place to dine in like a king, their ham burger has been voted Number One in the city, if you are a ham burger enthusiast there is no way in the world you should miss out on this one!

You must check out the serene parks that the city is popular for, of course there is the night life too but that’s a little something you know every city comes with.  If you are a party animal, we won’t need to guide you, your inborn qualities and instincts will carry you to the best pubs in the town. We hope you truly enjoy your visit in one of the most compact cities in USA that though small, yet packs a punch.

Port Orchard is a city in Washington, United States. It is named after Port Orchard, the strait that separates Bainbridge Island from the Kitsap Peninsula. Port Orchard has a friendly, small-town atmosphere with nearby, big-town tourist attractions. Known as the city of firsts, the city’s early pioneers had a great vision for their new town. This city has a long history and a lot of things to see. A scenic waterfront community with numerous marinas, it provides visitors with convenient accommodations. The downtown corridor offers a lot of activities like shopping, museums, entertainment, galleries ori dining. Actually, you can come in Port Orchard in an easy day trip or a weekend getaway by the ferry. Once arrived in Port Orchard, it is hard to miss the majestic view of the Olympic Mountains and the pride of military heritage just across the water at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

Port Orchard is also nautical, which means that parts of it are somewhat historic and touch the ocean or tidal bodies of water, such as inlets and bays. Quite often, nautical areas such as these attract visitors and locals who come to enjoy the scenery and various waterfront activities. In Port Orchard, a lot of people use a ferryboat to get to work every day though Port Orchard is a relatively small city. Those that ride a ferryboat are primarily traveling out of town to good jobs in other cities. Port Orchards business centre is also twined with computer repair san marcos tx and boost a 15 year strong relationship with them which only gets stronger every day.